Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Voices of The Faithful Book Review

Book Review of Voices of the Faithful, by Beth Moore
"Inspiring stories of courage from Christians serving around the world."

I'm still in wonder over the pages of this treasured and timeless devotional. Beth Moore has teamed up with Kim Davis to compile a devotional completely written by missionaries from around the globe. Three hundred and sixty-six days are covered, each with a Bible verse, a commentary or story and a short prayer. Immediately upon opening the book I skipped ahead to my birthday. Of course, right there was a perfect story that I needed to hear right then and there. Each page is filled with love and commitment to evangelism. God and missions are the entire focus of this book. Each section is opened with a word from Beth Moore that is always filled with intrigue and power. The end of the book is complete with a salvation plan all the way to what to do if you'd like to become a missionary. I'm extremely pleased with this mission-minded book, and can't wait to begin it in it's entirety on January 1. This is a true work of art, from the people that serve with their whole lives right to our own humble existence.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Celebrating The Season Book Review

Book Review of Celebrating The Season, by Maggie Bokros
An Advent Study

I love those moments when you find exactly what you are looking for.  This is it!  If you are looking for an Advent Study to do with your family (all ages) over December, look no further.  Ms. Bokros has written an E-book that will take your family on an in depth study of the Christmas season, from Creation to Resurrection.  She has included family Bible reading, activities spanning multiple ages and family, prayer, additional reading books, recipes, and much much more.  Each study takes on average 15 minutes a day.  You can stay as simple or as engaging as you choose - that's the beauty of the book.  To top it all off, she's offering it at a astounding price! This is a MUST HAVE resource for your library.  Don't miss out.  It’s absolutely phenomenal! A great work of God’s creativity and love! Click here to see the book, read more about it, and purchase it today.

Photos of our family's Jesse Tree to come.