Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fatal Tide Book Review


Book Review of Fatal Tide
  by Lis Wiehl with Pete Nelson
"An East Salem Novel, Book 3"

REVIEW BY: L. Bankhead

    It's here!  The final installment of the East Salem series.  The book picks up with the Saint Adrian boys being commissioned all over the world to infect the Earth's water supply with a drug that will cause chaos and inevitable death.  It's up to Tommy, Dani, Quinn, Aunt Ruth, Cassandra and others to do their best to save the world from inescapable destruction.  With the help of the angels, Charlie and Ben (seen in book 2), it all comes down to the final moments before it's too late. 
    The pros: Wiehl always does an excellent job of character development.  This book is full of action, as usual. 
    The cons: Wiehl fails to include God in her series.  He's a after-thought when the angels appear.  In my opinion, there's too much of the evil side, and not enough of a higher power prevailing until the very end. 
    Will I keep reading Lis Wiehl's offerings?  Absolutely.  Any time she rights about murder and thrilling substance,  I'm going to read it.  (See Triple Threat Series and Mia Quinn Mysteries)  I enjoyed this series, but think it could have been better.  I hope in the future Wiehl sticks with what she knows and writes a lot more of that. 

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