Monday, June 21, 2010

A Girl's Guide To Life Review

Book Review of A Girl's Guide To Life, by Katie Meier
 "The truth on growing up, being true, and making your teen years fabulous."

Katie Meier’s talks straight to girls about real life issues.   She touches on a plethora of areas concerning girls, such as - romance, self esteem, eating disorders, sex, fashion, religion and family.  Though her book is marketed as a “guide”, it is more like a book of facts.  The book does make girls feel as though Meier’s has the answers to some big questions and a place to go as a resource.  The book has a definite Christian flair, but does not reference the Bible to back up all of her answers and guiding insight.  Meier’s book is not an “all answers” book for your tween or teen girl.   The book should be used a resource to some tough issues, with the help of parental guidance.  This book is aimed at ages 14-17 girls, as she gets into some of the hard-hitting issues like STD’s, depression, self-mutilation and masturbation.  Meier’s book has moderate views, some leaning toward a more conservative stance, and some much more liberal.  If you are searching this book because you are looking for an additional stratagem (second to yourself as the ultimate resource) to instill purity and Christ-like character into your daughter, than this book will come close to what you are looking for.  This book does not expand on or promote courtship or some of the more conservative mind-sets.  The book, although is interactive with quizzes and fill in the blanks.  Meier’s style of writing and verbiage will enchant any young reader.  She speaks on the teenage girl level; and doesn’t shy away from the realities of being a girl.  Her spirit of enthusiasm and bounce comes across on each page.  Your daughter will find encouragement and detailed information pertaining to her whole self within the pages. 

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