Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What! You Want Me To Be Still?

Life is just funny sometimes, isn’t it?  You may think it’s not, but it’s all the way you look at the things that are happening around you.  I’m not really talking humorous; but, more like quirky, infelicitous and just plain weird.  Everyday I have my set list and a sort of concrete plan about what I’m going to try to accomplish.  More often that not, only three of the ten or more things get done.  In my youth I found this very exasperating, and felt as though I was perhaps failing as a mom and wife.  The key is rolling along, and doing what you can, and chuckling about the peculiar that is surrounding you.  I think God’s sense of humor is much better than our own, and it’s fantastic when you can lean back and chortle right along with Him.  This week my fifteen year old car decided it was too tired to go one more foot down the busy road we were on. This was the weekend family members were coming in from Colorado and staying at my parents.   A dead car wasn’t in the scenario of visiting with them for a day. Trapped in the car that I had rolled backward into the closest ditch, I had time to kill.  Dad was on the way to rescue me and the tow truck was on it’s way to tug and pull my little vehicle somewhere else. I got a lift from Dad back to their house, and spent the weekend at the mercy of others.  I didn’t know when I’d make it back home, but at this point, who cares, right?  My husband was a little perplexed when I told him I didn’t know when I was returning; and we would just go with it and see what happened.  This doesn’t happen with me.  I’m very black and white, and this was room for a lot of gray.  Three days later I eventually made it home and turned around and canceled many appointments until further notice.  In between the chaos I discovered the people around me.  I’ve known these people all my life. This time, with no where to go, I gave them my full attention and learned a whole lot about someone else.  I learned to depend on someone else.  I discovered that waiting in God’s timing is better than my own.  There were things He didn’t want me to miss, and I needed to be still and helpless to see them.  So next time God is calling you to be rooted to your spot - just stay there, with eyes, mind and heart open.  Discover that there is something to behold from your vantage point, wherever that may be.

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