Sunday, December 30, 2012

Soul's Gate Book Review

Book Review of Soul's Gate
  by James L. Rubart

REVIEW BY: L. Bankhead

     Author, James Rubart, seems to have a huge fan following, yet this was the first book that I read from him.  This is the first of the Well Spring Novel series where we meet up with four characters that the entire book revolves around.  Three of them have been mysteriously chosen to meet for a retreat in the Rockies where they gather together with Reece Roth, famed photographer.  But, he's more than just that - he has the ability to go into people's souls. He has heard a prophetic word from God that these three would need to be trained to go into people's souls; and war against Satan there to be broken from their bondage and be set free.  I won't tell you the rest, because I'd basically be giving away the whole book.  Essentially this first book of the series is the training and some beginning battles against good and evil.  The next book gives the impression that the bigger battles are about to come (August 2013).
     I was interested to read this book since I have a tyro curiosity in quantum physics and the outer dimensions that God works in.  This book gives you a beginners look into these fascinating things, and does draw from Scripture to back up some of the claims.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as he has a similar writing style of Lis Wiehl and Johnathan C. Leicht - which is generally full of adventure, short chapters and undemanding.  Although I did read that some Rubart fans weren't as impressed with this book as with the others, I thought it was a substantial read.  It kept me turning the pages; and it was exciting to open my mind to a higher thought process about God's power and tapping into it.  I'm fired up to read the sequel and hope for more intense battle scenes, even though we already know which side always wins!

You can view the trailer (kinda low-budget) for the book below.

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