Monday, August 29, 2011

Woman of Faith Dallas (Wrap Up)

We are freshly home from this year's Women of Faith Dallas.  Thanks to for my tickets - I won them!  I took Lauryl and we were truly blessed by all of the speakers and music artists.  I continue to feel a true honor standing among 30,000+ women, and being free to worship together.   Mandissa and Amy Grant were incredible, as always.  Although, the fact that Amy Grant is now 50, made me feel quite old.  Wasn't I just 14 be-bopping to Baby, Baby in the bathroom mirror?  Mandissa has more exuberance and love that anyone I've ever witnessed.  Completely blessed by her talent and outpouring.  That girl has something special.  It was fantastic to see Andy Andrews - and hear more of his stories.  You can read my review of his latest book here.  The other speakers were encouraging, and of course very funny.  I think I was touched the most by Micro - the new project for World Vision.  As an entrepreneur; and having a business that is abundant, how can I not get involved here.  Watch this clip, and please, if you feel amazed like me, join up now!

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