Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating The Sabbath

This year as we study Creation to The Greeks, we are incorporating Biblical Feasts into the curriculum,  through cooking classes that Lauryl is taking with my mom.  Our first, the Sabbath.  Mom and Lauryl did an exceptional job at cooking, organizing, planning and putting great effort into making the meal a traditional Jewish experience.  Here is some of what we did and ate....

 All of the women dressed in shawls. 

 We lit two white candles representing Christ as the Light of the world, and for a light to push out anything that's dark.

Dad said a blessing over Lauryl and I.

Dad was a good sport, reading his parts in the blessings and wearing his home made yamaka.

Mom led us through each part of the feast - wonderful!

We each drank the wine - representing Jesus' shed blood for us. 

We each washed our hands at the table, readying ourselves (cleansing) for the breaking of bread.

Mom and Lauryl made this cloth to cover the Challah.

Lauryl made two Challah loaves, representing the Jews reliance on manna in the wilderness.  On the sixth day they were to make/take two portions - one for that day, and one for the Sabbath.  She made one as a traditional six braid, and one with three.

Tea was served.

 Lauryl made, and Mom served traditional Golden Yoich.  (almost like chicken noodle soup)

Our family was so blessed tonight as we partook in this wonderful and ancient celebration.  I'm really looking forward to the second part of the Sabbath meal tomorrow night.  It's very thought provoking when we take into consideration that the Jewish people do this each and every week.  I'm amazed at their thankfulness!

If you would like a copy of this book, click here.  It's a great addition to a Christian home.

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